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“Preaw Chlorophyll” is a dietary supplement that comes in a Powder form and is a great alternative for those who are Health Conscious. It contains 25,000 micrograms of Chlorophyll per pack, extracted from Japanese Mulberry leaves and no Sugar or Cholesterol. Preaw Chlorophyll is easy to mix and convenient. It helps the body flush out toxins and reduces toxin build up. The supplement also helps with water absorption. As it makes its way through the large intestines, it is able to help absorb toxins along the way. This reduces a source of body and mouth odor. Preaw Chlorophyll also helps normalize bowel movements, leaving you with fresh clear skin.

Detox with chlorophyll (Preaw Brand) - 4.25 g.

Brand: Preaw Brand
Product Code: 4729
Net: 4.3 g
Gross: 6.1 g
Availability: 320 pc left
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