We often do the house cleaning: Clean, wash and vacuum cleaner. But have you ever thought about energy harvesting? This is especially true of families in which the recent frequent quarrels and conflicts unreasonable - it means that the house had accumulated too much power dirt that needs to be cleaned. This energy harvesting can be carried out with the help of incense, pyramids or special lamps with aromatic oils.


What-are-incense-and-as-they-will applyь

How to clean energy c using incense

Where to start harvesting energy? Firstly, it is necessary to carry out the usual wet cleaning, wash the floor and wipe off the dust, or the effect of the use of incense may be counterproductive. After cleaning ventilate the room, and then close the window, light the incense and leave them to fester for 10-15 minutes, is located in the center of each room and closing the door.





The properties of different incense

There are a lot of incense, and to choose the right, let us consider first the properties of several of them, most popular.





Rose flower. Her exquisite delicate fragrance helps with insomnia, anxiety and depression, it also tones the heart and brain activity and improves blood circulation.

Vanilla. The warm scent of vanilla has to communicate trust, makes a good heart and brings joy.

Jasmine. The sweet smell of jasmine contributes to the emergence of original ideas and stimulates the creative process.

Sandal. Slim and relaxing scent of sandalwood calms the nerves and restores thinned tests karma and purifies the energy layer. Sandal is perfect for meditation.

Champa. This is - another important fragrance for your home - sweet, soft and mysterious, it relieves fatigue and nervous tension, promotes enlightenment aura and concentration, as well as conducive to intellectual work.


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