Chill Out Hand Cream (Sabai Arom) 75 g.
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I want to order on your site, how do I do it?

You can order all the products that are presented in our catalog, filter available, and product status definitions, is for more internal our manager, any product can be ordered and bought.

" or request a mail you a bill for email. Western Union  You need to first select your delivery country, the top panel and the currency of payment, after the selection of cosmetics, go to cart and register in the basket fill in your details and method of delivery, regular or accelerated, after which you can pay directly into the payment "

You will receive an order for mail . After payment you will be contacted by e-mail manager to confirm payment and clarify terms of shipping..

Site administrator.


Example of calculating the cost of shipping in the USA


Can I pay for my order at the post office upon receipt of the order?

All parcels are collected and sent to your orders, all products from Thailand, and is not physically possible to send cash on delivery to another country with the Post, so that payment only once through the system PayPal.


Site administrator.



Is it possible to order delivery delay from Thailand in the mail?


All parcels are collected and sent to your orders! And as experience shows, in fact, the order is delayed due to the assembly of products in Thailand and customs in your Country.

Maybe the absence of goods in stock, and will have time to buy a new batch of 2-3 days.
Check the status in your account to send orders to the post office or wait for the letter of the date of dispatch of the order.


Site administrator.



How long do you process my order?

Order processing takes less than 24 hours (except weekends and holidays), but after sending payment may take 1- 3 working days depending on the volume of parcels and procurement stage to order, in any case, we try to do everything as quickly as possible.


Site administrator.



How can I make sure that you have received my order and it will be processed?

When ordering, you enter your e-mail address and telephone number. After ordering you to mail a confirmation letter with your order number. The letter indicates that your order has been received and will soon be processed and shipped. Please check the details in the letter again. If you have incorrectly entered the address or name, please contact us by mail or email -


Site administrator.



How can I find out if the ordered goods have been sent me?

Check your e-mail for any emails from us.  After sending your order compulsorily sent tracking number, so you can follow the movement of your parcel. Each parcel is photographed and the photos available on request.
You can enter tracking number, if you paid for it then, and track the package :


Site administrator.



How can I get advice or comment on your product?

For advice on the product you can click on the link (on every page in the product) "ask a question" at the price of the goods. The same question can be asked in a live or off-line communication in the box at the bottom left..


You can ask your question directly to the watzap manager. By clicking on the Watsap icon.

Site administrator.



Can I, through you to make a gift to his cousin, that is, I pay, and receives the order it?

Yes, you can make a gift to your friend, relative, colleague through our store. In this case, when ordering you must specify the name and delivery address of your friend \ relative and sending after payment you will be sent to the address you specify, you will also be duplicated tracking number (problems of return, and we do not accept refunds, you will receive a check and a photo of the parcel, on this our obligations will be exhausted)...


Site administrator.



Can it happen that my parcel will be detained by the customs service in my country?

When ordering some products online from overseas: you must know the conditions of work of customs in your country, visit different countries, restrictions on the importation of a large quantity of goods or no more than what amount per month per person, we put in the package a cover sheet with a list of your order to ensure all compliance with the law on our side.

By ordering any goods that are for some reason banned for importation in your direction, you take full entire responsibility for the parcel, the store has the right to refuse compensation.


Store Manager.



   App Mobile - Download today "Making a transfer for an order through Western Union is very simple and easy. Money transfer Easy Pay for order: Install the West ..

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  • You can pay by Visa card, through PayPal payment system on the Internet
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