Amezon Booster White Lift Up Booster Snake Mask Cream (Voodoo) - 30 g.

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Short description

SYN-AKE or snake venom serum - is a tri-peptide particle. It is an amino acid with small particles. The Protective Polypeptide, which is found in snake venom, is the latest innovation. The Swiss Technology Award is a trusted product from the medical community. And to accept that the results are equivalent to Botox to help reduce wrinkles quickly and deeply strengthen. And slow down the aging of skin cells at the DNA level to lock the moisture longer than the mask.

Voodoo / Amezon Booster White Lift Up Booster Mask Cream Snake



 – Best selling cosmetic products of premium class among the local population. Incredible popularity due to the powerful effectiveness of anti-aging. Cosmetics Voodoo is surely gaining the markets of the USA and Europe, occupying a leading position in the sales rankings. Despite the fact that the price starts from 300$. Voodoo Amezon Booster White Snake Venom Face Mask – it's not just a mask, and a unique Wellness complex that combines the properties of the mask, cream and serum. Through the use of nano technology, the effect is noticeable already after the first application. Therefore, this technology can be safely called one of the five wonders of cosmetics. In the composition – natural ingredients to transform the skin: SYN-AKE, another name – serum snake venom, currently, is considered to be equivalent to Botox, and its improved analogue, is able to significantly slow the aging process. Through the use of nano technology active ingredients go directly into the skin without using injections, retaining moisture in the skin and helping to relax the small muscles. This all contributes to a significant reduction in the number of existing facial wrinkles and prevent the formation of new ones. Himalayan salt-a great tool for removing toxins from the cells, allowing to neutralize the effects of free radicals and to remove toxins from the skin by running the natural recovery processes. As a result of removal of chemicals and impurities out irritation. The quality of this salt is the highest in the world, and its age is 250 million years. Antibacterial effect due to the extract of the snow Lotus, which grows only in the Himalayas. It kills bacteria and accelerates the natural processes of skin renewal. Thanks to the antiseptic effect effectively fights against acne and rashes. Hyaluronic acid is the best known moisturizer that instantly binds the water molecules in the skin's deeper layers, solving one of the main causes of aging: lack of moisture disturbs the metabolic processes, the synthesis of collagen and elastin, thus, leading to sagging and wrinkles. Shea butter - a source of fatty acids and antioxidants that provide excellent softening, and smoothing power, quickly eliminates peeling and dryness. Cucumber extract soothes the skin, eliminates signs of fatigue, sagginess, dryness, gives the face a fresh and healthy glow, “together” with collagen, restoring firmness and fills the irregularities of the terrain from the inside, making the contours of the oval clear and expressive. Allantoin provides lasting hydration, improves skin tone, removes dryness and tightness, suppresses free radicals and bacteria. Arbutin gently whitens pigmentation.



-  the Detailed composition, see the content tab.


Net and packing

-  30  ml. Beautiful plastic jar black and gold color , with a twist-off cap, Packed in a nice cardboard box.

English name

- Amezon Booster White Lift Up Booster Mask Cream Snake (Voodoo) - 30 g.


- use 2 times a week, for best results, thoroughly clean the skin with a scrub. Apply to clean dry skin with light movements before going to sleep, do not rinse.


Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight, out of reach of children. It is not recommended to use up to 30 years, with hypersensitivity, swelling, pregnancy, breastfeeding. The effectiveness of Botox means is reduced when using AHA acids, massage, vitamins of group B.
• Contraindications: Individual intolerance.



Voodoo, Thailand.

Main characteristics
Type of product Face cream;face Mask
net weight 30ml.
Suitable men;women
Treatment characteristics
assignment Skin nutrition;Hydration;Rejuvenation;Wrinkles;Facelift;Freckles;Antiphonale
skin Type Problem;Combination;Normal;Oily;Dry
Age category 25 years and older
Additional characteristics
Day care Night Night;Day
Packing size medium
gross 305g.

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