Inufos The Latest Prebiotic Combination (Interpharma) - 15 sachets.


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Short description

Prebiotic products InuFOS of the complexes two types of carbohydrates, namely, inulin (inulin) and FOS (fructooligosaccharides), are water-soluble fiber, with prebiotic properties. In the package InuFOS 1 contains 5 g of inulin and fructooligosaccharides or FOS 5 g, which is enough for the body within 1 day. Inulin and FOS are soluble fiber and have prebiotic properties. They have a higher prebiotic (prebiotic) efficiency when working together. Properties prebiotic to help the probiotic culture to eat in the body by stimulating the. And promotes the growth of probiotic (probiotics).

Interpharma / Inufos The Latest Prebiotic Combination



 – InuFOS Prebiotic products from complexes of 2 types of carbohydrates, namely Inulin (Inulin) and FOS (Fructo Oligosaccharides), is a water soluble fiber that has Prebiotic properties. In InuFOS 1 pack contains Inulin 5 g and Fructo-Oligosaccharides or FOS 5 g which is enough for the body in 1 day. Both Inulin and FOS are soluble dietary fiber and have a Prebiotic property. They have higher Prebiotic (Prebiotic) efficacy when working together. The properties of Prebiotic help to be a Probiotic culture food in the body, stimulating work. And promotes the growth of Probiotic (probiotics). Benefits derived from the probiotic growth (probiotics) are numerous, such as stimulating the colon's function, balancing the digestive system, reducing allergies, lowering cholesterol, etc. InuFOS Prebiotic is suitable for people who have a behavior that results in a decrease in the amount of probiotics (probiotics) such as eating vegetables - less fruits, sleeping late, stressful regularly, having chronic stomach disease such as constipation, diarrhea Reduce constipation By increasing the softness to the stool mass Easier to excrete Inhibit diarrhea by inhibiting the increase in the number of bad bacteria that cause diarrhea. Reduce the risk of colon cancer. Increase the absorption of certain minerals Especially calcium Helps control blood sugar levels Using as a sweetener for sugar substitutes Fructo-Oligosaccharides or FOS has a sweet flavor, can be used to mix in beverages to replace the sweet taste from sugar. Helps control sugar intake Helps control fat levels and cholesterol levels in the body Help control weight Helps to feel full Eat less InuFOS contains 15 sachets per pack of 1 sachet daily, which can be used as a sweetener to replace sugar. InuFOS is the best choice for fiber and Prebiotic (Prebiotic) products. Recommended for people who do not have enough vegetables and fruits. Or have reduced probiotic behavior (probiotics) and recommend taking supplements for those who take Probiotic (probiotics) for treatment To have better results How to use InuFOS contains 15 sachets per pack of 1 sachet daily, which can be used as a sweetener to replace sugar. Prebiotic supplies for Probiotic If loving health care is well known that Probiotic or good microorganisms are the key to good health. Helps to balance the body Slowing both inside and outside, but the question is How can we take care of our little friends? If asked about the important factors of living of all living things on the planet The first thing that everyone will think of is "food" which must be eaten regularly. Good food helps to keep things healthy, complete and growing. Like Probiotic, this living bacteria needs food to live and grow as well. Which the food of the Probiotic has the official term used to be called "Prebiotic" Prebiotic is a dietary fiber. That is not digested in the body's digestive system But it is a favorite of many Probiotic microorganisms. When Prebiotic travels to the large intestine that is the area of ​​the Probiotic, it is fermented and formed as lactic acid. And short-chain fatty acids are the foods of the Probiotic and help the Probiotic to grow, expand the number, create balance and good health in our gastrointestinal tract Prebiotic with Probiotic can be compared to the proverb that "The army must walk with the stomach." If the Probiotic is a "military army" that helps improve the health of our body, the Prebiotic is "provisions" that will energize the soldiers. Is an indispensable factor To be able to live And perform their own duties for maximum efficiency Therefore, if healthy, starting with Probiotic Care, the first step in taking good care of Probiotic is to take Prebiotic regularly..





Each sachet contains : In InuFOS 1 pack contains Inulin 5 g and Fructo-Oligosaccharides or FOS 5 g which is enough for the body in 1 day.. 

Net and packing

- 15  bags of sachet in a beautiful durable white & Green carton box. 

English name

- Inufos The Latest Prebiotic Combination,  15 Sachets . Interpharma.

Application of 

-  Apply at any age after 20 years. to use: 1 sachet 2 times a day before meals. To apply for prevention for the month.


Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight, out of reach of children.



Interpharma , Thailand.

Main characteristics
Type of product Probiotic;Priobiotic
net weight 45g.
Suitable women;men
Amount 10 Sachet
Treatment characteristics
assignment Dysbacteriosis;Increased immunity;Heartburn;H. pylori infection;Colon cancer
Age category 19 years and older
Additional characteristics
Packing size small
gross 90g.

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