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  • Net: 100 g
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Short description

Royal Balm "Cobra Original". Black balsam contains over 100 medicinal components of Thai herbs and plants, extracts of bone and snake skin, the balm provides a quick distraction, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, reduces inflammation, swelling and discomfort caused by pain in the joints, improves the condition of the veins with varicose. Helps with arthritis, polyarthritis and arthrosis, treats inflammation of the joints and strengthens bones in osteoporosis.

Coco D / Cobra Massage Balm, Aroma Balm Original



Royal Balm "Cobra Original".  Black balsam contains over 100 medicinal components (Thai herbs and wild plants, extracts from bones and skin of a snake), and manufactured in accordance with the traditional recipe of one of the temples in Northern Thailand.  He detailed the balm carefully kept secret by the manufacturer. Balm provides a quick distraction, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Anti-inflammatory effect balm reduces inflammation, swelling and discomfort caused by pain in the joints, improves the condition of the veins with varicose. Helps with arthritis, polyarthritis and arthrosis, treats inflammation of the joints and strengthens bones in osteoporosis. Prevention and treatment of intercostal neuralgia, lumbago, sciatica, sciatica, rheumatism, ostechondrosis, myositis. Improves and restores blood circulation in the legs when problems with blood vessels, quickly relieves fatigue. If you apply a balm for tired legs (feet and knees) and take a horizontal position, after 10 minutes, feet will be very light, due to restoration of circulation, leaving a feeling of discomfort and fatigue. Balms from Thailand have created are all made by 100%  natural and plant-based, are composed of extracts from rare herbs and vines. 


• Unique analgesic, anti-edematous and anti-cancer agent.

• Balm reducs inflammation.

• Pain in the joints.

• Sciatica (gr. “ishia" - seat) – the inflammation of the sciatic nerve, the longest nerve in the body. This disease is also called lumbosacral radiculitis, or neuralgia of the sciatic nerve. In this disease the affected roots of the lumbosacral spinal cord.

• Varicose veins and swelling in the legs (long periods standing or lying down).

• Arthritis (an inflammatory disease of the joint, arthritis you feel pain in the joints, especially when walking).

• Arthritis.

• Arthritis. 

• Osteoporosis (balm strengthens bones). 

• poor circulation in the legs (atherosclerosis) . 

• Colds and backache (pain) in the back and neck . 

• Sore lymph nodes on the neck . 

• Massage (back neck and feet, General good health) . 

• Athletes ( the balm can be applied on the whole body: legs, arms, shoulders, back view of a light massage, both before and after the trainings, such as running, Boxing, power struggles, and stretching (Pilates) . 

composition :

  Balm consists of more than 100 medicinal plants and extracts from snakes, native to the mountain forests of Thailand, beeswax, vaselin, camphor, eucalyptus (Complete and detailed manufacturer are kept secret.)


- On the body balm is more neutral, it cannot be attributed to a warming or cooling balms that can be a nice plus balm, the downside of it, you can call - its ability to stain white clothes.

the Feeling - the smell (aroma balm)

- the Smell appears after application of balm for the body, this is something between the smell of tar soap and eucalyptus essential oil, flavor it is more medical than SPA.

Net and packing

- 100 gr. Balsam black color, Packed in a glass jar with a metal lid.

- there are still 5 kinds of packing: 10g. 35g., 50g., the 150g. 200 g.

English name

- Cobra Balm, Aroma Balm Massage 100g Original Coco D.

application of :

- Clean the affected area. Apply a generous amount of balm and RUB with a soft massage movements until the balm is absorbed. Apply to the affected area two to three times daily.

- colds and flu - RUB the feet at night.

- In the cold – used as an inhalation or rubbing tool. Add 1 drop of the product in hot water not boil and inhale steam under a towel over a bowl.

- In the cold, RUB the chest and legs, apply on temples, under nose and base of the neck.

- headache, sickness, weakness and stress conditions to apply the balm on your temples, base of neck, at the point between the eyebrows and on the place of pulsation.

For total relaxation to make a light massage with the addition of balsam.

- With diseases of the musculoskeletal system – apply on area of pain, gently massaging until complete absorption of the drug at 1 – 3 times a day.

- the Tool can be used by athletes to relieve tension in the muscles.

- For healthy skin you need to apply a very small amount of balm, as it can be burning for you (not for all).

If you apply the balm on a bruise, so it is not felt, and on intact skin of the patient's joint can burn.

If the balm is still called burning, in any case, do not try to wash off, it will only get worse.

In this case, you need to remove the balm with a dry paper towel, apply any oil, again wet and apply the aloe Vera gel or any other soothing cream or oil.



• Pregnancy, children's age, individual intolerance.

• Balm should not be applied to skin that has open lesions or wounds.

• avoid contact with eyes and other mucous membranes.

• for outdoor use Only.


• Balm can stain things, so it is recommended to pry the old t-shirts , socks, etc..

• For girls with long nails, with caution when applied and massage to the balm caught under the nails , then you will need to wash (rinse).

• avoid contact with eyes and other mucous membranes.

to apply:  in the affected areas of skin, such as fresh cuts.



• Coco D Co Ltd , Thailand.


• (Manufacturer Coco-D produces only Thai balms, made with only high quality herbal extracts, essential oils, vegetable oils. Products created exclusively based on natural components. The action of salves and ointments is targeted and used against inflammation, bruises, arthritis, osteoporosis, neuralgia and for grinding of muscles.)

Main characteristics
Type of product Balm Thai
net weight 100g.
Suitable men;women
Treatment characteristics
assignment Inflammation;Swelling;joint Pain;Lumbago;Sciatica;Varicose veins;Arthritis;Arthritis;Osteoarthritis;Osteoporosis;Poor circulation;Colds;Inflammation of lymph nodes;Massage;Athletes;Intercostal neuralgia;Pain in the back
Age category 18 years and older
Additional characteristics
Colour black
Scent and Fragrance tar weak
Tactile feelings of the body Neutral
Packing size standard
gross 210g.

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